Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Was Wrong

My September 18, 2008 call of capitulation was wrong. See call after the jump:

But today, on October 9, 2008, I feel like I called the bottom only a few weeks too early--which isn't a capital crime. Here is my take on the current situation, which I posted on Barry Ritholz's website:

It all depends on GE and Google. That's it--the double G's will determine whether we make or lose money. No other real catalyst on the horizon--interest rates have been cut, and money pumped in, so both the money supply and interest rates have been manipulated. After HP's positive earnings, I am feeling sanguine, despite the blood on the streets.

I bought a commodity fund for my 401k today, T Rowe Price's New Era fund. Being relatively young, I am a buyer at these levels. I just wish I had more gunpowder. My Roth IRA is already fully invested.

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