Friday, October 17, 2008

Funny: Reality of Elections

"Points in Case" has some hilarious articles. This one seems perfectly timed:

If the link doesn't work, google the author, "Eric Cheesic," and "We the Drunk Chick of the United States." This one's destined to become a classic. Here are some excerpts:

[N]either of these candidates cares about you and me. They really don't. It's just a big pissing match. The match isn't conservative verses liberal; it isn't even John McCain versus Barack Obama. It's Republicans versus Democrats—-McCain and Obama are just the PR firm picked to sell you the wares. They are a face and a name to be associated with the big political machine that is the United States of America...

So where does the American public come in?

Well, here's the deal: we, the people, are the drunk chick at the bar. We are expected to do very little. Our responsibilities are to:

  1. Obey all the rules posted above the door to the bathroom (The Constitution).
  2. Pay for the food and drinks we consume (taxes).
  3. Leave the bar when it's closing time (die).

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