Tuesday, October 16, 2018



John Adler in California (2010): The Good Doctor

Asian Games' Wrestling (2018): Wrestlers

Fazal Bahardeen in Singapore (2018): Muslim Travel

Alain van den Bossche in Jepara, Indonesia (2019): Belgian Expat in Indonesia

Ellen in Cebu, Philippines (2018): Single Mom, Three Degrees

Matteo of Gelato Matteo in Semarang, Indonesia (2018): Came for Business, Stayed for Love

Lan Haiwen in Silicon Valley (2008): Ultizen: Developing Games with Chinese Creativity.

Noman Md Ariful Haque in Kuala Lumpur (2018): A Muslim Engineer in Japan 

Derrick in Katy, Texas (2018): Old Katy Coffee on good coffee 

James McRitchie in San Francisco, CA (2016): Shareholder Activist 

Sara Mendelsohn in Hanoi, Vietnam (2018): Personal Trainer and English Teacher 

Ayu Nuarida in Semarang, Indonesia (2018): A Woman for All Seasons 

Bruce Nguyen in Saigon, Vietnam: (2018): Third Wave Coffee

Marco Paulo in Cebu, Philippines (2017): Influencer 

Sulistiansyah Rahmadi in Palembang, Indonesia (2018): Indonesian Traveler

Auron Tare in Tirana, Albania (2018): Albania's Bill Bradley    

[Statements have been edited for clarity and condensed.] 

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