Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Poem: Exquisite Adaptations in Nature

You are inscrutable. Bottle-sized glasses give you a disarming look, but I knew at once not to underestimate you. 

You are an introvert, sure, but you've surrounded yourself with extroverts, becoming unpredictable. Charles Darwin would be proud but unable to categorize you; perhaps you fit his observation that "wonderful metamorphoses in function are at least possible." 

Long giraffe legs give you feelings of being imbalanced, but to the casual observer, if you wobble, it is because you do not yet see your strength. 

Despite my diligent observations, I am no scientist, and I do not understand you. I only know this: I already miss the island species that once sat down with me, gently tranquilizing me without firing a single shot. 

© Matthew Mehdi Rafat (2018)

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