Saturday, October 14, 2017

Travel Posts

Interested in travel posts? See below.
Abu Dhabi (UAE) is HERE.

Budapest, Hungary: at the Crossroads: HERE

Brunei is HERE

Casablanca, Morocco, the NYC of Northern Africa, is HERE. (Rabat is included.) 

Cebu, Philippines is HERE

Doha, Qatar is HERE.

Havana, Cuba (Part 1) is HERE

India, the "Golden Triangle" of Jaipur, New Delhi, and Agra, has a multi-part series. Part 1 starts HERE. Post-trip summary is HERE

Istanbul is HERE.

Izmir/Ephesus/Kusadasi/Sirince, Turkey is HERE.

Konya, Turkey, where Rumi and Shams are buried, is HERE.

Lisbon, Portugal is HERE.

London, England and Heathrow is HERE (Cambridge & Oxford also included).

Malatya, Turkey is HERE

Muscat, Oman is HERE.

Prague, Czech Republic: Original Hipster Nation is HERE

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile is HERE. (Photos only.) 

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic is HERE. One of my favorite cities, but one that is sure to become increasingly "touristy" with time. 

Tbilisi, Georgia is HERE

Tirana, Albania: interview with Auron Tare is HERE

Tunis, Tunisia (and Sidi Bou Said) is HERE

Toronto, Canada is HERE. (Bonus: Toronto Museum, second-best Islamic Art museum I've seen after Doha's.) 

UNWTO's 2017 Conference is HERE.

Vienna, Austria is HERE. I did not like the city. 

Yogyakarta, Indonesia is HERE. Are you interested in Buddhism? You've got to visit. 

My lengthy post about visiting 18 countries in 5 months is HERE.

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Bonus: what have I learned in my travels? More HERE (2018). 

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