Thursday, May 21, 2009

War and its Consequences

I hate showing pictures like this, but it's important to see what "collateral damage" really means:

A US led air strike in Afghanistan is believed to have killed as many as 100 civilians, including many women and children.

This is why war should always be the last resort--no matter how careful anyone is, women and children usually end up paying the price for governments' grand schemes.

On a somewhat related note, President Obama is refusing to release pictures of detainee abuse. It is true that the pictures will be used to recruit terrorists and to fuel fire against American troops, but once the information is made public, America can begin to address the causes of the inhumane conduct and prevent them from happening again. Without disclosure, we look hypocritical when we complain about human rights abuses in other countries. We also run the risk of implicitly condoning inhumane conduct and government secrecy. The worst part is that President Obama switched positions on releasing the pictures, which makes it seem as if the evidence of abuse is so terrible, once the President actually saw the pictures, he thought better than to release them.

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