Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lawyers and Dysthymia

Lawyers tend to suffer from all kinds of maladies. Now, we have to worry about "dysthymia," too:

My kind of depression is termed “dysthymia” in the DSM IV (mental health’s diagnostic “Bible”). With dysthymia, a person can still function—after a fashion. However, life’s colors are faded. It’s more difficult to enjoy pursuits that had, not long ago, brought pleasure. We withdraw from our closest relationships.

More here. I think the lesson is not to go into divorce law, aka family law. I used to make appearances for other lawyers in family court, and I got really sad after spending just an hour in court. Many people in family court are self-represented (pro se). It is hard to see people go at each other in public, especially when kids are involved.

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