Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sotomayor a Yankees Fan?

The Boston Globe's Ellen Goodman has a great article (May 29, 2009) on Judge Sotomayor:

Apparently, Ms. Sotomayor is a Yankees fan. I'm no BoSox fan, but how can she be accused of being pro-underdog when she's cheering on the Yankees? She should have had the good sense to root for the Mets instead, like Julia Stiles.

Best line in the article? Someone describes Justice Roberts as a "relentless champion of the overdog." Hilarious.

Ellen Goodman makes another good point. She reminds us that Justice "O'Connor...praised her successor, John Roberts, saying, 'He's good in every way, except he's not a woman.'"

I talked about Sotomayor before in this post.

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