Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sports Time: Chauncey Billups

Just a great, great article on Billups, by Tom Friend:

Fantastic reporting. I always liked Billups. Now that I know his background, I like him even more. years ago, I saw Billups and Richard "Rip" Hamilton doing a "Love Connection" celebrity show for charity. Billups and Rip had such a good relationship, it was as if they were real-life brothers.

What's even better about the Denver Nuggets is that they have another player, Chris "Birdman" Andersen, who was also considered washed-up before he joined Denver. Andersen provides the "Dennis Rodman" grit every playoff contender needs. I don't like Kenyon Martin (remember the days when he would flagrantly foul everyone?), and I'm lukewarm on Carmelo Anthony, but Denver has a good shot at making the finals. They have great scorers and decent defenders. When J.R. Smith is on fire, he can make treys from anywhere. With 'Melo giving his teammates open looks, Billups controlling the ball, and Martin, Nene, and Andersen protecting the paint, Denver looks like a good team. Not good enough to win a ring, but maybe good enough to make the finals.

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