Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bad Teachers: the System Will Protect You

Good teachers, especially the newer ones who haven't had their idealism stamped out, should be treasured. Bad teachers, on the other hand, absolutely tick me off:,0,679507.story

Kathleen Collins, associate general counsel for L.A. Unified, explained it this way: "Kids don't have a union."

Why do California taxpayers--who are footing the enormous education bills--put up with this?

GE's former CEO Jack Welch talked about teachers' unions at a recent Commonwealth Club event in Santa Clara. He said if you support teachers' unions, you're not pro-kids--you're pro-management. He's correct--teachers' unions represent teachers, not children. If teachers' unions cared about children, they wouldn't make it so hard to get rid of under-performing teachers. They'd also give up some of their lavish benefits, which would allow taxpayers to pay new teachers higher salaries.

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