Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mark Cuban as Small Business Savior

Sometimes, I imagine I am Mark Cuban's twin, and we were separated at birth. I attract controversy, I'm iconoclastic in my views, and always believe I'm right--and like Mr. Cuban, I usually am. I just need a few billion dollars and an NBA team, and I'd be *right there*. Here is Mr. Cuban's blog post on small businesses, which mirrors my views:

"No taxes of any kind on small businesses with 25 or fewer employees. No employer payroll tax. No state or local taxes. No taxes on earnings. Nada. The business owners will pay income taxes on their personal income they pay themselves, but not corporate earnings."

I blogged on a related tangent myself in April:

I advocated for the "elimination of all civil laws except for wage and contract laws relating to businesses with fewer than six non-family employees and/or gross revenue of less than 575,000 dollars per year (thereby encouraging entrepreneurs and small businesses)." Mr. Cuban doesn't include the cost of complying with unpredictable laws and judges, which is a form of taxation for a small business. Other than farmers, I have not heard of a single state legislator talk about protecting small businesses in California for years. It's disgraceful.

Mr. Cuban, you and I had to be twins in another life. Just let me know when I can shoot hoops with Dirk, and I'll be there. I predict I'll score at least 4 points in a game up to 15, by ones.

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