Saturday, June 12, 2010

SCU Magazine: Giacomini and John Adams

From SCU Magazine, Summer 2010, interview by Ron Hansen:

George Giacomini: John Adams has a quote that goes something like: "I study politics and war that my sons may study mathematics and philosophy and their children may study poetry and music." There's a progression of necessary learning. I'm a meat and potatoes guy. I still think you need to know politics and economics...and that's where I would put my emphasis in my classes...I don't want to trivialize what other faculty are doing, but I worry that in the process of enriching the material, we're losing the foundational events and ideas. Which just means I'm old.

Old Jesuits have lots of wisdom.

Bonus: John Quincy Adams, former U.S. President and Secretary of State: "We go not abroad in search of monsters to destroy." Oh, how things have changed post-Bush II.

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