Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mish on California's Government Unions

But Mish, tell us how you really feel:

Outrageously overpaid California public union parasites have every intention of sucking the last drop of blood out every taxpayer. Regardless of the cost to taxpayers, and even though their bloated benefit programs vastly exceed what the private sector gets, nothing will get in the union's way of protecting the overgenerous benefits they have, while still demanding more money from taxpayers, no matter what fiscal shape any of the cities are in because of those contracts.

More HERE. Mish is referring to police officers, firefighters, teachers, government lawyers, and anyone else who is part of a California government union that is refusing to accept wage cuts. The unions' refusal to be reasonable has caused layoffs of newer government workers, including teachers. It's sad, but tenured and retired teachers don't seem to care much about the next generation of educators, as long as their own gold-plated benefits are covered.

Here are three ideas: 1) every California government employee, including politicians, with more than seven years' tenure and making more than $65,000/yr should accept at least a 10% pay cut; 2) all new government employees should be eligible for 403b plans, not undefined pensions; and 3) all existing government employees eligible for pensions should increase their pension contributions by 5%.

Also, eliminate "3 Strikes and You're Out" for non-violent crimes and get rid of the death penalty, which costs over 200 million dollars a year to implement. (Do you want to spend 200 million dollars killing a murderer, or do you want to spend 200 million dollars on UCs, roads, community centers, etc.?)

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