Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Not My Stock Picks

Apparently some other website--without my permission--took a list of stocks it believed I had, and created a list with performance numbers. See below:

NVDA +0.36% since 08/12/08
JMBA +140.61% since 08/04/08
GRMN -9.46% since 07/30/08
SO -7.16% since 07/30/08

For the record, I am not recommending any of the stocks mentioned above. As a rule, I do not recommend any stocks or stock market actions, so if you run across a stock list related to me, ignore it. I used to publicize some of my own stock purchases for informational purposes only, but I stopped doing it when I realized I was becoming too focused on short-term gains and losses.

The information on this site is provided for discussion purposes only. Under no circumstances do any statements here represent a recommendation to buy or sell securities or make any kind of an investment. You are responsible for your own due diligence. To summarize, I do not provide investment advice, nor do I make any claims or promises that any information here will lead to a profit, loss, or any other result.

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