Thursday, December 11, 2008

Where does America get its oil?

If you think America gets most of its oil from Saudi Arabia or the Middle East, you are wrong. ExxonMobil ran an ad in yesterday's WSJ (12/10/08, A10-11) showing the sources of America's oil imports:

55% = North American (includes Canada, Mexico)
16% = Africa
14% = Middle East
12% = South America (includes Venezuela)

The remaining 3% comes from Russia/Caspian, Europe, and Asia-Pacific (includes Indonesia).

Last time I checked, the top three suppliers of American oil were Canada, Mexico, and Venezuela.

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Dennis Markatos-Soriano said...

This is a fun and important topic to explore-

The Exxon Mobil ad was referring to the source of all US oil consumption (not just imports) since the US produces over a third of the oil we use.

Since Mexico production is in decline (see ) they are actually the fourth largest source of imports after being 2nd a while back. Saudi Arabia and Venezuela have taken the 2nd and 3rd spot, respectively, in '08. For recent import data, you can go to:

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Onwards to sustainability,