Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Santa Clara Magazine and Hyperinflation

I graduated from Santa Clara Law School and get their alumni magazine, The Santa Clara Magazine. The managing editor, Steven Saum, in the most recent edition (Vol. 50, No. 3), talks about hyperinflation:

A few years after the Soviet empire collapsed, I lived in Ukraine, in a town where Russian officers were once sent into exile, and I counted among my friends those whose life savings were devoured overnight by hyperinflation: when money set aside--bit by bit, payday by payday--for two decades in anticipation of a daughter's wedding in the end only covered the cost for half a watermelon at the reception.

He writes such an eloquent defense of fiscal responsibility, I had to share it. The fact remains that when the government prints money, it causes inflation--perhaps not immediately, but eventually, the chickens come home to roost. It is worth repeating the fact that inflation is the #1 enemy of the average citizen, who, like Mr. Saum says, works hard to save a little money, bit by bit, only to see external forces mock his patience.

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