Saturday, November 1, 2008

Harvard Law Grad Burns Diploma

A Harvard Law grad has burned his diploma and has quit the daily grind:

ABA Journal Article

His blog is here:

I've also learned that there is something seriously wrong with law firm life. I've been blogging for five months now, and I am still surprised by the sheer number of e-mails I receive from other lawyers who are dealing with some of the very same issues I struggle with. I think there is a yearning out there for a way to reconcile the demands of a legal career with other life goals. Many lawyers feel that they have rejected important aspects of themselves in exchange for a life they no longer feel they want to live. They feel trapped because they have to pay a mortgage, student loans, private school tuition, etc. ... but have no idea how to get out.

I think it is important to emphasize that not every lawyer working at a law firm is unhappy. Some of my very best friends have thrived in that environment and are genuinely happy. If you derive genuine, meaningful pleasure from the profession and can overcome all the obstacles that this lifestyle places on your personal life, then you have it made.

Like most things in life, law practice is what you make of it, but there are definitely more workaholics in the legal profession. For me, it's not the practice of law that is problematic, but the 24-7 nature of the job. I feel discombobulated when I am not working because I am afraid I might miss important messages and phone calls; also, being a solo practitioner, it's almost impossible to take two week vacations. I've gone five years now without a two week vacation (and I'm not sure if I've taken any one week vacations, either, except one time when I was best man). I hope to take a two week vacation next year. A friend suggested San Luis Obispo, so I might go there for a simple, relaxing vacation.

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