Friday, November 21, 2008


From the film, The Italian Job--prescient words from a gold bug?


Yevhen is 50 and like many in the gold trade, there isn't a conspiracy theory that he doesn't embrace. As they make their way to a back room, he keeps his mouth in overdrive --

All those poor bastards out there putting their life savings in banks and S&Ls and mutual funds. What do they think -- that when the collapse comes they can depend on the government? I don't think so.

Governments are nothing more than puppets on the strings of the Trilateral Commission with their twisted gods.

I mean, it's so obvious that in a world where NAFTA can overturn the Supreme Court, not to mention Microsoft's nefarious financial machinations, this, is our only refuge: gold.

I definitely get the part about feeling like a "poor bastard." Sigh.

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