Thursday, November 13, 2008

CEO Lanni Leaves MGM Mirage

MGM's CEO Lanni is leaving MGM Mirage:

Jim Murren will likely replace him. Here is an old transcript of a 1998 interview with Murren:

Mr. Murren seems much more candid than Mr. Lanni. Earlier this year, I posted a review of the 2008 MGM shareholder meeting--see 2008 MGM Shareholder Meeting--in which Mr. Lanni seemed far too sunny and upbeat about his casino's prospects. You can't blame the man for trying, though.

I hope next time I'm in Vegas, I won't get a horse's head in my hotel room after this blog entry. An experienced dealer in Reno once told me, "Back when the mob was running Nevada, things ran much more smoothly." I bet.

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