Thursday, November 13, 2008

General Electric at 12 Year Low

General Electric (GE) stock hasn't been this low since July 1, 1996. GE stock went as low as 14.58 per share today.

Yesterday, the stock tanked because the federal government suddenly reversed course and said it would not be buying bad debts. GE issues debt and also owns various financial subsidiaries, including insurance companies. Absent a government guarantee, various pieces of GE's financial portfolio would be less attractive to buyers. However, GE immediately issued a press release noting that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation approved GE Capital Corp. to participate in the Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program--meaning up to $139 billion in short and long-term debt is going to be guaranteed by the federal government. (See AP article.) I guess when one door closes, another opens.

Today, GE's stock tanked because of rumors that GE was cutting its dividend, which stands at a hefty 7%. GE denied the rumors, but its stock fell anyway.

I am a major buyer at these levels. I picked up three thousand shares yesterday and just bought another thousand shares this morning at around 15.24 per share. My average buy price is around 16.25 per share.

Update on November 13, 2008: I sold my 4000 shares of GE at 16.74 today. Had I waited just five more minutes, I could have sold my shares at 16.90, meaning I would have made another $600+. That's fine--I'm not greedy. GE stock closed today at 16.86. It will probably go up more tomorrow, but I had too much invested to sleep comfortably if I held my shares overnight.

If you go back and look at my "Stocks Update" posts, you can view my short-term trading record. I also sold the GOOG and AMAT shares I bought yesterday.

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