Friday, May 23, 2008

Stocks Update

Today, despite my concerns about the economy, I bought 50 shares of GE, 330 shares of MMM, 100 shares of IF, and some shares of SCUR.

GE: I don't believe I can completely time the market, so I will average down if GE drops to the mid-20's.

MMM: I missed the ex-dividend date for MMM, but this company still looks undervalued at these prices. I hope to sell MMM when it goes to anywhere from 78 to 84. Although I like this stock, I am just too concerned that an overall market correction will bring down good names along with bad ones.

IF: Indonesia is going to be a good investment in the long term. My plan is to hold this fund for many years.

SCUR: This is a value play that contains quite a bit of risk. Its balance sheet looks stronger than what its stock price indicates. It is also trading below its book value. I will revisit this stock in a year or two. If we are coming out of a recession, small caps will be the first stocks to lead the way.

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