Friday, May 2, 2008

Scott Burns and Taxes

Financial journalist Scott Burns used to work for the Dallas Morning News, and now he has his own website. His most recent column explored taxes and had some interesting facts:

Here is an excerpt (published under fair use guidelines in good faith under 17 USC 504(c)(2)--these excerpts also incorporate facts publicly available)

Only 953,000 taxpayers--- about 1 percent of the total who paid taxes--- paid at the top 35 percent tax rate in 2005. They paid $315.4 billion in taxes on their $1,094 billion in income.

The most common marginal tax rate is 15 percent. That’s the rate paid by 54.4 million taxpayers...The second most common marginal tax rate is 10 percent. About 25.5 million taxpayers pay taxes at that rate...So of the two-thirds of all households that pay anything in income taxes, about three-quarters pay at 15 percent or less.

Another 22 million, 3.7 million and 1.5 million households pay income taxes at marginal rates of 25, 28 and 33 percent, respectively. In the year 2000 this top 25 percent of all taxpaying filers paid a whopping 83.6 percent of all income taxes. By 2005 they paid 85.6 percent of all taxes...

You were in the top 25 percent of taxpayers in 2005 if your taxable income exceeded $61,055.

Millions of Americans have no idea what fat cats they are.

Copyright: Scott Burns, "The Truth about Income Taxes" (2008), blog

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