Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Riots in Pittsburgh

Here is sgtrob88 commenting on a youtube video of police tear-gassing students at the University of Pittsburgh:

I would imagine 75% or more of these kids are liberal, yet going through this will probably not dissuade any of them of the notion that over-sized government is BAD. Like their hippy parents they will continue to allow government to increase in size and power all in the name of "caring for the little guy," while ignoring their own experiences in governmental abuse. While corporations are no saints, government is the one able to beat your *ss and get away with it.

Makes sense to me, except we need to differentiate between government actions that have the power to harm citizens (police, unnecessary laws, etc.) and government actions that can protect the public (public defenders, VA hospitals, etc.). Of course, since few people will agree on which government actions will either harm or protect the public, it seems appropriate to have a bias against broad laws or power of any kind.

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