Thursday, September 10, 2009

Law and Justice as Two Separate Concepts

Do you believe the law and justice go hand in hand? If so, get your drink of choice, sit down, and prepared to be shell-shocked. Unquestionably the most stunning piece I have read in recent memory:

("Trial by Fire," by David Grann)

I am completely numb after reading it. My friend Samantha S. says, "the law is not about 'justice'--it is about application of rules. It isn't perfect, but it is all we have."

Follow-up here. From the New Yorker's comments section: "The most telling irony... what the State of Texas listed as the cause of death for Cameron Todd Willingham: homicide. One fact they absolutely got right."

More here on public defenders, Gideon, and access to justice.

Bonus: how much does it cost to execute someone? Answer is here.

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