Friday, August 14, 2009

Random Thoughts

1. Gina Carano is going to fight "Cyborg" Santos in San Jose this weekend. For me, the biggest issue is whether Santos will make weight. Apparently, they are fighting for a 145 lb title. Carano's natural weight is probably around 145 lbs, but Santos is probably more comfortable around 165 lbs. (By the way, I'm not sure I want to know how a 5'8'' woman without much body fat bulks up to 165 lbs.)

I remember making weight when I was a wrestler. I started competing at 152 lbs and moved up to 171 lbs. My strength would be diminished considerably if I had to drop ten pounds. When you train every day, you don't have much body fat, so cutting more than five pounds is tough. The first five pounds are easy because most of it is just water weight. Almost anyone can drop five pounds temporarily by not drinking water for 20 hours (I do NOT recommend this). The reason I bring up weight is because it looks like Santos has to drop around 10 or more pounds for this fight. By making the title a 145 lbs title, Carano has done a good job setting the fight on advantageous terms.

If Carano survives the first round--and that's a big "if"--the fight is hers to lose. I don't think Santos is going to fight well if she has to lose 10 pounds or more. Santos usually wins by stand-up boxing, a strategy that requires speed, power, and stamina. I don't see Santos being quick or powerful after dropping 10 pounds or more.

Update: Cyborg beat Carano in the first round. Like I said, the fight was Carano's to lose, but only if she survived the first round.

2. I think this is a heartwarming story about love, but some people disagree. (Laura Munson, Modern Love)

3. Interesting story about Christian Arabs in the Middle East here.

4. According to National Geographic (June 2009), the corn used to make a 25-gallon tank of ethanol would feed one person for a year. Priorities, priorities.

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