Monday, August 11, 2008

WSJ Letters Section

I recently blogged about some WSJ letters I liked:

After praising the WSJ's recent letters section, the gods smiled upon me--my short letter was published in today's WSJ (08/11/08). I was responding to an article about teachers and investing. The WSJ profiled teachers who were literally crying over being unable to understand investing in their retirement plans. You can view the WSJ letters section here:

Here is my short letter (a blurb, really, but I'll take it!):

We are entrusting our children to people who can't handle basic investing and, somehow, we wonder why we end up with financially illiterate adults.

Campbell, Calif.


Update on January 17, 2009: here is a link to my August 11, 2008 letter. I'm unsure if it's a permalink, but as of today, it works.

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