Friday, August 8, 2008

Ann Killion's Article on Lopez Lomong

Once in a while, a story makes you stand up and say, "This is why America and Americans should be proud of themselves despite the Bush II presidency." When C. Rice is repeating now-disgraced Alberto Gonzales' canard that "[E]very day is Sept. 12th," some optimism is in order.

Ann Killion wrote an article in today's SJ Merc about Lopez Lomong, who was adopted by Americans and is now on the Olympic track and field team. See

For three days and three nights, the boys ran towards freedom [after being captured in Sudan]...When the Rogers [his adoptive parents] bought him a chicken sandwich at McDonald's, he brought part of it home: He was used to eating chicken only a bite or two of chicken twice a year, and was surprised to learn he could eat the whole thing.

Mr. Lomong will be representing America at the Olympics, both literally and figuratively.

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