Thursday, September 2, 2010

They're Outraged, and We're Laughing

Like the hilarious Dave Chappelle skit where each racial group has to draft celebrities for their team, the right has selected Outrage, while the intellectual liberals have selected....Humor. Think about it. What's the best liberal program in print or paper today? The funny Daily Show. What do right-wingers watch? Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly yelling and screaming in anger at the America they believe they're losing. What's wrong with this picture?

Anger, even simple-minded anger, usually spurs action. If you're angry, you write to someone, march the streets, or join a political organization (like the Tea Party). But if you're laughing, you're feeling either superior to someone or temporarily happy. The laughter eliminates your anger and in doing so, your drive to cause change. This may be one reason conservative right-wingers have managed to create a viable political movement, while the Green Party has floundered or been counter-productive (i.e., impacting Al Gore's presidential aspirations).

If this trend continues, Sarah Palin's right-wing movement may have the last laugh.

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