Thursday, January 21, 2010

Israel Provides Assistance to Haiti

Here is something that isn't getting much press. Israel is helping Haiti during its time of crisis. More here. From the article:

Palestinian-American journalist Ray Hanania discusses the Israeli aid effort: "200,000 Haitians died in an earthquake. [Israel] sent doctors and supplies to help. That is a good thing. Just because [Palestinians] are fighting with Israel doesn't mean we should sneer at that assistance to people in need...I wish Israel could show the same compassion for Palestinians. But Israel and Haiti are not at war and Israelis and Palestinians (mainly Hamas and the settlers) are."

Here is a link to a YouTube video showing some of Israel's relief efforts. (Hat tip to Rosa M.)

By the way, Ray Hanania is quite an interesting person. I don't have any direct links to give readers, but if you are interested in learning more about him, try a google search for "Ray Hanania."

Bonus: even the Palestinians are helping out. More here.

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