Thursday, November 26, 2009

Worst Movie Ever?

In 2003, Laurence Fishburne, Orlando Jones, Kid Rock, Djimon Hounsou got together and made a movie called Biker Boyz. Basically, someone with too much money and time on his hands decided to do a motorcycle version of the Fast and the Furious. The result: a terrible movie that fails so badly, it doesn't even succeed in achieving unintentional comedy. When Fishburne says, "Burn rubber, not your soul," I didn't laugh, even though I should have. I was too stunned by the overall idiocy to appreciate the hilarity. Check out this review for more.

Oh, the 7Up commercial guy--Orlando Jones--spends the first half of the movie acting like a straight-up thug, and the second half of the movie as a straight-talking lawyer. No attempt at a reasonable segue is made. The movie goes from one scene where Orlando is in a leather jacket and too-large glasses yelling for his peeps to bow down to the motorcycle king, and then suddenly, we're in a hospital and Orlando is telling someone's mom, "You didn't know I was a lawyer, did you?" At least that's what I remember. (Speaking of which, know anyone who can help me erase my memory? Sigh.)

In case you're wondering, I saw this film on television to pass the time between NFL breaks. I did not willingly rent it.

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