Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend Movies Recap

1. I just saw Milk, about Harvey Milk. Absolutely a must-see, especially if you live in California. I also enjoyed George Clooney in Michael Clayton.

2. I am pleased to introduce my readers to The I.T. Crowd, a British television series that began in 2006. It's not often I see anything on DVD that makes me laugh out loud, and if you enjoy comedy, you must not miss The I.T. Crowd. I give Season One my highest recommendation and look forward to seeing more.

3. I finally saw Lust, Caution. I do not recommend it. It is a two-and-a-half hour film that should have been no more than an hour. Ang Lee can't decide if he wants to make a sexually explicit film or a plot-focused one; as a result, the audience suffers through symbolic but superfluous sexual escapades. While Ang Lee has made a great period piece of 1940's China/HK, he has also sucked the life out of it by adding too many extraneous, slow diversions. Just my two cents.

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