Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kudos to

I just wanted to thank As I pointed out at the Netflix shareholder meeting, I watch all of my Simpsons episodes on Hulu because it has excellent online captioning.

Recently, after I was watched yet another Simpsons episode, I noticed Hulu allows users to search for shows that have captions. Awesome. Simply awesome. Thank you, Hulu. By the way, I am now watching my first episode of Heroes. I found it using the captioning search feature.

Here is my favorite part of the latest Simpsons episode, a parody of the UFC:

Lenny: "3 hours of half-naked guys fighting like animals."

Carl: "Just like the ancient Romans."

Lenny: "Yeah, except their empire was falling apart."

Carl: "Stupid Romans."

I love the Simpsons. Looks like they are back on track.

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