Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Net Worth Numbers

If you ever want to deal with a statistical nightmare, try attaining reliable average and median net worth figures. Below are a smattering of net worth numbers, all vastly different:

From Boston Globe (2009, Jenn Abelson, "The Loss Generation"):

35 and under group: $76,400 (average)

From All Financial Matters (2006):

35 and under group: $14,200 (median) $73,500 (average)

From WSJ (2004, Kelly Greene, "Golden Years"):

34 and under group: net worth of $7,240, including home equity.

So just for the 35 and under age group, we have net worth numbers ranging from $7,240 to $76,400. You'd think there would be a researcher in 2009 who would publish reliable net worth numbers and compare the different numbers published by others, but I haven't seen such a study. If anyone who knows of such a paper, please post a comment and link.

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