Monday, April 28, 2008

CA Demographics, 2008 Population Growth

Some people were contesting my earlier statement that California, for the first time in years, was losing population. They were technically correct--it appears that CA is still experiencing population growth, but at a reduced rate. My overall point remains the same--with fewer people, California will most likely receive less tax revenue. See this link:

The budget website is quite interesting to review. Tax dollars are being sent into K-12 education services more than any other area:

So the next time California teachers ask you for more money, keep in mind that most of your tax dollars already go to their schools, especially if you pay property taxes. As a result of these outlays, which are very hard to reduce, California is one of the few states projected to have budget gaps between two and eleven billion dollars in 2009. The only other states in this ignominious category? Florida, Nevada, New Jersey, and Arizona. See

Something must be done about our K-12 schools. Vouchers, anyone? (At least for a start...)

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