Thursday, March 30, 2017

Seth Godin, on Hillary Clinton's Chances in 2005

"Hillary Clinton, more than others, has a worldview problem because the vast majority of the electorate has already told itself a story about her... I believe there isn't enough money in circulation to persuade those voters that have already made up their minds to change them." -- from Seth Godin's All Marketers are Liars (2005), pp. 81, hardcover.

Bonus: "Trust is the scarcest resource we've got left. No one trusts anyone." -- pp. 9.

What's my take? Marketers have reached a point where their stories diverge so far from reality, people have stopped listening.  The real gamechangers will be the truth-tellers--if the marketers allow them media space.

Bonus"Hillary Clinton received the most money from Goldman [Sachs] employees and affiliated PACs... during the 2016 election cycle." -- The Atlantic, April 2017, pp. 23. #hillaryclinton 

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