Saturday, November 6, 2010

Review of SCU Broncos v. CSU Maritime (11/5/10)

I saw the SCU basketball team play an exhibition game against CSU Maritime on November 5, 2010. Here is my review/scouting report:

1. #24 (Julian Clarke) can shoot treys very well; however, like most gifted shooters, he seems too trigger-happy. He also needs to move more on offense instead of setting up in the same spot. Once opposing teams learn about him, his usual moves may not be enough to get him open.

2. #12 (Robert Smith) is an excellent PG, and we are lucky to have him. He is clearly the most talented player on the roster.

3. #3 (Chris Cunningham) is a great inside presence, but SCU's style of play is more up-tempo compared to recent years. As a result, the team had difficulty feeding the ball inside. The failure to utilize #3's skill set was very, very disappointing.

4. Unless #13 was injured or sick, the coach should think about reducing his minutes. He didn't seem comfortable on the floor, and #0 (Evan Roquemore) should be getting his minutes.

5. #10 (Ben Dowdell) hustles. His energetic play, including diving out of bounds for loose balls, seemed to turn things around for SCU.

6. #21 (Kevin Foster) will be the x-factor. He is blessed with an excellent wingspan and incredible athleticism, but seems a little raw.

Overall, we have a good chance of beating Gonzaga this year, as long as we learn to feed the ball inside to the big men, especially #3.

My preferred line-up:

PG Smith (sub: #0 Roquemore)
SG Foster (sub: #24 Clarke)
C Cunningham (sub: #25 McArthur)
PF Trasolini (sub: #10 Dowdell)
SF Troy Payne (sub: #44 Atanga)

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