Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sample Letter to Congressperson re: Hearing Aid Tax Credit

If you saw my review of Plantronics recent shareholder meeting, you noticed that Congress is considering a hearing aid tax credit. Unfortunately, the House bill doesn't cover most hearing-impaired working adults. In contrast, Senator Harkin's version of the bill--S. 1019--covers all hearing-impaired persons. If you would like to write your Congressperson and support Senator Harkin's bill, I have included a sample letter below. Just fill in the name of your House Representative, your own name at the bottom, and paste it in an email to your Rep. Your House Representative can be located here.


I am a long-time resident of your congressional district. I am writing you regarding HR 1646 (The Hearing Aid Tax Credit bill.)

I understand you are a co-sponsor of this bill. Unfortunately, this bill limits the tax credit to hearing impaired people who are 55 and older and dependents. The bill completely ignores working people who are under the age of 55.

Without well-functioning hearing aids, hearing-impaired workers will not have full access to the workplace. Thus, they will be unable to compete with other workers.

Expanding the tax credit to all ages will ensure that hearing-impaired workers will be able to compete in the workplace. Accordingly, I ask you to support an amendment to this bill which was ensure that credit would be extended to all regarding of age.

This amendment would be similar to the S. 1019, which covers all ages.

In closing, thank you for your time and consideration.



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