Monday, May 31, 2010

Will Arizona be a Democratic State by 2035?

The GOP doesn't realize it yet, but Arizona will be a Democratic state within 25 years. Under our Constitution, every child born in Arizona is an American citizen, regardless of his/her parent's immigration status. Also, children are able to sponsor their parents for citizenship, so the parents that Arizona wants to deport will one day become citizens through their American-born children.

Later, when the children of Mexican immigrants grow up, they will be able to vote. American citizens won't support a political party that wanted to deport their parents. And don't forget: the children of Mexican immigrants go to public schools and will make numerous friends of all ethnicities. Anyone who thinks that second or third-generation American children who grow up playing with their Mexican-American friends will share the same thinking as their parents doesn't understand generational shifts. Put simply, new generations always rebel.

Just look at North Carolina--who would have thought the same state that elected Jesse Helms would one day elect John Edwards?

As for me, I keep wondering when Goldwater/Eisenhower Republicans will create the third party that America desperately needs. Wouldn't most Americans vote for a political party that supports fiscal conservatism, a humble executive branch, and non-interference in our private lives?

Bonus: according to the Brookings Institution, nearly 25% of Americans younger than 18 have at least one immigrant parent.

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