Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why Medicare Will Destroy Us

According to financial journalist Steve Kerch, the "55+ age group represents 38% of all U.S. households and is projected to rise every year to be almost 45% of households by 2019." In short, we are inviting fiscal disaster unless we find a way to fix Medicare.

I really hope the younger generation starts having more kids. After all, someone has to pay for all the entitlement programs. What's that? You think it's immoral to pass along bills to an unborn generation? Well, what spending would you cut? The military? It's about 21% of our budget. The latest military budget passed in the Senate with an 80 to 10 margin. Good luck.

P.S. Common sense called. It says it's time for a third party that understands basic math and basic economics.

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