Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New York Vinnie on Haddadi/Clippers/Racism

New York Vinnie from Le Basketbawl emailed me his thoughts about the Clippers announcers comparing Iranian NBA player Hamed Haddadi to Borat:

Let me add this to your conversation. Borat is a negative stereotype just like Stepin Fetchit for African Americans, Charlie Chan for Asian Americans, and the Frito Bandito for Latino Americans.

We do not see those stereotypes any longer because each of those ethnic groups have large enough sway in this country to make sure it was eliminated. Native Americans for years have been still subject to this type of Crapolla because they do not have a large enough voice. Look at Chief Wahoo for the Cleveland Indians or the Tomahawk Chop for the Atlanta Braves. Now we have the Persian culture of Iran and the Arab cultures that we find okay to denigrate. New York Vinnie does not support the Govt. of Iran but Haddadi is a private citizen, it would be like a kid from the USA playing in Israel. They are not politicians or representatives of their governments.

New York Vinnie is half Italian and half Puerto Rican; I know what it is to be racially profiled. Those same racist PUDs would call "New York Vinnie" Guido or Jose, and call New York Hymietown! You can take that to the Frickin' Bank My Man!

I like New Yorkers, and I had a great time when I visited New York. In general, the people I met were more talkative and friendly than Californians. New Yorkers tend to say what they mean, and they're proud to say it to your face instead of behind your back. In case anyone is interested, my original post on the Haddadi situation is here.

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