Saturday, January 3, 2009

Memories of 10 Years Ago

I am going through some old items and re-discovered two old songs I love.

This one's from Meatloaf, and this one's an incredible old-school rap song.

I also discovered an Atlantic article written by Miranda Seymour--Seymour's review so captivated me, I saved it. I must have been in a really foul mood at the time:

This is, even for Brookner, an unusually cheerless work, about the moral education of a young woman as assessed by herself in retrospect. The lesson she learns is that a wise woman expects nothing from life and will probably get it. Only a fool, Brookner suggests, would believe the lessons offered by the novels and fairy tales in which Zoƫ, like many of her predecessors, has rashly placed her trust. Poor girls who sit and wait to become princesses get nowhere. Ordeals may lead only to further suffering. There are no rewards for virtue beyond self-respect. Life is best viewed as a journey toward death, to be lived with attentive restraint.

Ah, memories.

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