Wednesday, June 4, 2008

And now, for something completely different...

Once in a while, I will post something that is completely unrelated to anything and everything. Below is a poem I wrote today:

Shimmering with sweat,
Eyes shut,
Heavy with the day’s labour,
She nestles her face in the womb of your arm.

You see a faint glow in the small room,
A room too small for this, you think,
And you see it comes from her.

A soft light reflects on her skin,
Not quite sorrel, not quite copper,
Vestiges of a trip to Utah,
A mark where an insect had its fill days ago.

She lies on the floor,

A round face, quiet with sleep,
Minutes ago was not quite like that.
I rise, but remain close to the ground,
Like the insect who had its fill.

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